Please Stop Sending Me Stupid E-Mails!

Yandere Simulator Development Blog

Updated October 15th with more information regarding crash bugs.

I try to only discuss positive things here on the blog, so please believe me when I say that I wouldn’t be bringing this up if it wasn’t a legitimate problem.


There was once a point in time when I was receiving so many stupid e-mails every day that it actually became impossible for me to make progress on the game because of the sheer amount of time that I had to spend sifting through my e-mail attempting to locate meaningful e-mails. After I complained about it – loudly – across several videos and blog posts – and created a character solely for the purpose of ridiculing people who send me stupid e-mails – the avalanche of dumb e-mails subsided, and I was actually able to resume making significant progress on the game.

However, over the past…

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